Political Bureau

The pair of word "political bureau", just as is, has nothing to do with politics or any activity of politic, such as the word "politic" must directly connect to "industry" in becoming as the politic industry, not as political industry. The word politic represent itself alone at boastful displays in vain (with no likelihood of fulfillment), but the word "political" represents the professional development of products and services that support the function of government or public affairs, which can directly or indirectly connect to non-political industry such as to teaching as of "political science" within education industry. The word "political science" is a subject that mostly taught at colleges of liberal art teachings that shall give practical knowledge of what are really happening good or bad about politic industry, impact to human society and lives of people who have no choice but to live with all kinds of miserable situations damaged from politic or political related corrupted system of governing that actually not supposed to have any relation whatsoever in regard to the word of "politic" or activity of politic industry. A Good Major Subject of Political Science shall encourage the students to be able to point out the real situation of industry. Only after then the students will be able to find the solutions (to correct such bad causes) that will be able to prepare for presentations at each own written publication, which will be resulted from each own particular practical research based on each own selected honorable graduation level & practical practices of real situations that can produce successful status (of greater solution than published thesis that written by others before) with accomplishment of thesis founding at each own best effort, such as for example: If a government sector or an employee working at any government is corrupted, the whole government can get destructed and the whole population that accept such government to govern their living can become like living in the hell, of each case shall be not just a detail but real demonstration that shown off it selves by corrupted government services environment as clear evidence, can be witnessed by the whole world. 


Although the "education industry" or "politic industry" are included in main commerce industry at a whole via the systematic category, each particular industry is absolutely different with another industry. Even the meanings between those similar words "politic" and "political" are totally different as the "political industry" represents only to politically related other businesses (that politic is not a main subject of them such as News and Media Industry that include political news in regard to fundraising to earn income for each media or news operation) other than "politic industry" of which directly represent only to the activities of politics. There are also another diverse industry of many other different and various industries, for instance, "health care industry" that should also have absolutely nothing to compete with/by any policy or system of "politic industry". Health Care Industry is (totally differed from politic industry) as is the major caring industry for the people to be still healthy, prevention ahead of any infectious diseases, and not to spread any kind of epidemic, shall all time be focused at the 1st place by all health care professions, which involved at least ten years of study include house surgeon at the original medical field of Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C., plus  life long continuous learning in practice of research, treatments, and many new founding in innovation and creative methods, formulas and ways to teach next generations of medical students who directly give health care treatments to human patients.


Nonetheless or nevertheless, one industry or another shall only support each other; not to make any kind of impact by any industry to another. Only then the result will be able to save on time to the entire earth and all our human societies that established for all human being who all have to be comfortably alive at every where.


If any student who are having special interest in learning to receive a liberal art degree that usually includes a subject of political science can later connect after graduation to politic industry as to become an educated political professional (not as a politician); can feel free to practice during a certain limit of time frame (as a fellowship to a senior specialist of political science profession). When those fellows are in practicing period at first time followers of their seniors or tries to understand (or to learn) how politic is impacting any other important industries (that human cannot live without) while they are working for earning at their each own job for living, are also in needing meaningful explanation or clarification to be able to understand more comprehensive. Thus after practicing period, they will be brought to become to oversee the activities of ordinary politicians; to have good result for everyone who are to be in working at politic industry to be able to do all the right things.


That is why the "political bureau" is needed to be launched and to operate as back-up-help to all fellowships or junior level political related all public service professions.


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